The second day was full of activities. First we went for a hike of senses with the nicest tour guide ever. He is a sweet old man that has lived here for more than 30 years and knows this area (El Fayal) better than anyone else. We hiked through a forest and it reminded me so much of my childhood since I’ve basically grown up outside, playing with other kids in nature.

There was forest, desert, savannah, volcanoes – and each place was so different to the others. I was completely fascinated and immediately regretted that I have neglected my deep connection to nature over recent years while I’ve been living in the city. My highlight was the picnic at the end where I got to eat exotic fruits and local foods in the most beautiful surroundings I’ve ever seen. The whole experience was food for the soul.

El Hierro

Fuente de la Llanía
Fuente de la llanía (cruce de carretera HI-1 con HI-40)

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