In the evening we participated in a wine tasting which was just as lovely as on the picture. El Hierro is known for its exquisite wines! The island has so much to offer and it’s so untouched and raw, the people are so nice and the food is so good, I would name it the most underrated place I have ever been to. I am definitely coming back soon because I really want to take my mom and show her the beauty of El Hierro –and of course stay longer than only for a few days.

One of the places I’ve been to most are the Canary Islands. I’ve been to each island except for the smallest one: El Hierro. I had the opportunity to visit this place and I thought to myself, sure, why not, it can’t be that different from the other islands. Little did I know!

El Hierro

Bodega Los Lomos
C/ La Orchilla 26. 38914 El Pinar

0034 626 39 03 35  

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