During this experience, I met María – an artisan who works with palm leaves, designing and creating bags, baskets, mats, caps and anything else she thinks of because her hands are pure art.

On this island of traditions, of course, there had to be a well-known artisan production method: plaiting palm leaves. María’s family has been doing this for more than one hundred years and has managed to combine tradition and innovation. It was a real experience to meet her 80-year-old parents, who passed the tradition down to her, and—above all—to sit beside her and learn how to plait a palm leaf and make something. Now I value this art more than ever.


María Hernández. Artesana de Hoja de Palma
Calle Lugar de Abajo, 7, 35628 Pájara. Fuerteventura, España

0034 607 56 40 12  

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