As a fan of fashion, it was a real luxury and privilege for me to get to know the Canaries designer Aurelia Gil and have her tell me about the mysteries of a fashion workshop. I had never stopped to think about the complex process behind every garment, what inspires a collection, designing patterns and the uniqueness of every print, the choice of fabric depending on the sensation to be conveyed... It is amazing to discover the history of a collection as told by its very own designer, for her to personally tell you which garment best suits you or how she thought up the garment hanging on the rail before you. This inspiration often arises by chance.

Without a doubt, every garment that Aurelia makes is a little work of art, where you can see the time invested, as each piece is put together at her workshop. Here is where you realise how important it is to have good hands behind every stitch.

Gran Canaria

Aurelia Gil Atelier
Calle General Bravo 27, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

0034 928 38 46 02   |   WEB

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