The area of Finca Argayall is located next to the port of Valle Gran Rey. Hidden behind the cliffs, it has an almost private bay. Getting to the Finca is already a small adventure. You have to pass a huge cliff-wall right next to the ocean, which is really impressive.

Between the green orchard, rocks and the ocean you can find that oasis of tranquillity. There are only a few rooms so it feels very private. The garden is very beautiful: you can find a big orchard with many papayas and mango trees, a fishpond with many small fishes and so much more to explore. My personal highlight is the impressive bay with a beach of black rocks.

The daily program includes meditation or yoga –perfect to escape everyday life. The vegetarian food which is served 3 times a day is very tasty and fresh. Everything at this place is kept organic and natural which is kind of inspiring.

La Gomera

E-38870 Valle Gran Rey

0034 922 697008   |   WEB

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