Hiking at Roque de los Muchachos means exploring, learning and having fun. Roque de los Muchachos is the highest point of La Palma and definitely deserves a day of your holiday. Be sure to start the day early so that you have plenty of time for hiking. During my trip there and while surrounded by the vast nature, the fog made the scenery even more dramatic. A unique experience that all nature lovers and adventurists should live. Prepare for unseen landscapes, clean fresh air and breathtaking views of La Palma.

Also, how many chances do you have in life to see the stars up close and personal? If you ever visit La Palma remember this: visiting the El Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory and learning about the Gran Telescopio de Canarias is a must-do experience!

La Palma

Roque de los Muchachos
38788, Santa Cruz

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