You won’t expect to find wines of real style and substance in La Palma yet Hoyo de la Higuera truly surprised me in every way. We found some very exciting, real wines that are detailed and layered with unique characters here. Very limited in supply sadly, with just a few cases of each but I’m still on board! The utterly compelling wines of this fantastic place have the ability to completely change your perception of just what a wine can be coming from Canary Islands. Aromatic, dry or fruity, intensely flavoured and at times confronting and smooth. Once you have a glass it is hard to ever see wine in quite the same way. These wines should be on every wine drinkers ‘must drink’ list at least once.Not your average snooty wine bar. Stylish and hip, classy but laid back, Hoyo de la Higuera experience is a place where you can take a break, relax and enjoy a sip of wine!

La Palma

Bodega Hoyo de la Higuera - Vinos Aceró
Calle la Viña. 38758, El Paso,La Palma

0034 922 46 32 05   |   CONTACT

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