There is no better way to explore and enjoy the sea than on a boat. So when I was last on La Palma Island I spent the whole day sailing in and around “La Cueva Bonita” cave. This cave is only accessible by sea and thanks to my very own private tour, I was lucky enough to visit this natural wonder. It is said locals used this cave to protect themselves from pirates. The Canaries coast is simply stunning and I totally recommend you explore as many square miles as possible. And without a doubt your adventure should either begin or end at “La Cueva Bonita”.

Ever wanted to learn the traditional and modern fishing techniques of the Canaries’ fishermen? It’s nice to know you can combine your tailor made boat excursion with a good fish hunt. You can arrange a fishing trip during your coastal exploration and if you are lucky enough you might even get to bring dinner home. On the contrary, if you are an admirer of the secret world beneath the waves, you could also arrange a snorkelling session.

La Palma

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