Scenery to lose yourself in. A palette of colours you thought you had forgotten. The forests, dunes, volcanoes. Discover the impossible shapes created by the lava or travel along green trails from another time. Let nature fill you with energy and show you her most beautiful creations.


One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery of the Canary Islands is by hiking. Have experiences that will transport you far away both physically and mentally. Along routes through unique surroundings, which change their appearance radically in just a few kilometres, discover landscapes full of contrasts: lush forests, volcanic plains, sand dunes or jungle-like areas.


The clear, clean skies of the archipelago are known internationally for the exceptional conditions they provide for seeing a large number of stars at any time of year. Go to one of the many spots for stargazing on the islands or visit an international astronomy observatory (in La Palma or in Tenerife). And in August… don’t miss the Perseid meteor shower!