The relaxing sound of the waves, the sunset and nothing else. Find a beach where you are the only feature and enjoy the tranquillity and the turquoise water. Whether you like them golden, white, red or black, somewhere in the Canary Islands is a beach that seems like it was made just for you.


Semi-desert trails to white-sand beaches where you can enjoy the changing blues of the ocean and the sound of the waves. Taking a swim in refreshing, crystal-clear water, in harmony with nature, is priceless. The purity and freedom you feel will make you want to come back again the very next day.


Scenery that is protected because of its geological value runs into exotic coves with the black sand that is typical of volcanic soil. The sand, with some bluish-grey tones, and the good weather attract those who are looking for a quiet spot to enjoy the sea and the sun at the heart of nature. The views and the contrast between the mountain green, the black sand and the blue Atlantic Ocean will create a scenic image that will not be easily forgotten.